12-1500 Dakota St.
Winnipeg MB

About Us

At Exhale Dance Studio we set out to provide all students with a healthy positive environment that is conducive to quality dance education.

Our mission is to build students up from the inside out, regardless of age. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond dance to develop positive body image, self-confidence and important life skills. We teach our students to be respectful conscientious young people who share their gifts and talents with the community.

We offer the joy of dancing to any student regardless of age or ability, as every child and adult should have the opportunity to know what it feels like to be a dancer. We aim to foster learning by providing a performing arts education in a fun and relaxed friendly atmosphere. All of our classes follow structured plans. Classes are taught by qualified instructors who teach the principles of dance and the principles of life: discipline, teamwork, and respect.

One of our top priorities is that kids will be kids. In a world where children are so hurried to grow up, we provide a studio that prides itself on age appropriate music and age appropriate costumes. Children can learn self-respect and love the skin they are in. Our program goes above and beyond to encourage positive body image so children can love who they are and feel free to be themselves.

More Than Just Great Dancing™!

Exhale Dance Studio is proud to be the first Canadian member of “More Than Just Great Dancing.” More Than Just Great Dancing licensed dance studios are committed to a higher standard of: Quality Curriculum, Teacher Training, Management Practices & Community Involvement.