At Exhale, we focus on cultivating people, not just dancers. We believe that the performing arts are meant to teach young people values of time management, teamwork, and dedication. We believe that the youth should understand the importance of giving back to their community and encourage our dancers to be active in this way. Most importantly, we believe that each child is different. We value kindness, community, and caring for our students and our families above all else.


  • I chose Exhale Dance Studio to introduce my daughter to dance, and I am so pleased I did. The staff that work with Brinley demonstrate a passion for dance and small children. They are patient, enthusiastic and fun.
    Carla Guzzi Carla Guzzi
  • Exhale is my daughter’s favourite place to be! 🙂 It is her home away from home where she has made so many amazing friends. The studio is about so much more than dancing, as the instructors and staff truly care about the students. All of the dancers have positive and encouraging relationships with each other. Highly recommend this studio!!
    Lyndsey MacBride Lyndsey MacBride
  • I live in Transcona but after seeing how Exhale is run, the atmosphere, the staff and the availability of classes, not to mention the amazing studio set up, I make the extra effort to get all the way to St Vital twice a week now for my daughter. At only 4 years old, she is so in love with dance that she asks almost daily if it’s a dance day!
    Alyssa Harder Alyssa Harder
  • Exhale is truly about more than just great dancing! The girls learn, grow and develop by encouraging each other and having the support of family and teachers. If dance is your passion this is the place to be.
    Debra Duncan Debra Duncan
  • I admire and respect Exhale's family first philosophy and how they believe in developing the whole child, not just the dancer. It's refreshing to deal with an organization that understands what child recreation should be about.
    Amanda Arnold Amanda Arnold
  • Exhale has been an incomparable source of physical development and empowerment for our daughter. Besides the dedication to the kids and their talents, Exhale is extremely well organized in its programs and events. All staff from the first day of classes, to the end of year show love and excitement to everybody coming to the studio, not just the kids. The experience of the teachers and staff shows, from their patience with the kids, to the completely professionally prepared events throughout the year. You will never regret having your kid here!
    Gina Lizarazo Gina Lizarazo
  • This dance studio is amazing! The teachers, the vibe and facility are great. The focus is self esteem, confidence and enthusiasm which I love. ❤️
    Liane Cherrett Liane Cherrett
  • Exhale is an amazing studio! I wouldn't want my daughter dancing anywhere else. Not only do they teach amazing dance skills and disciplines, they encourage and promote positivity, teamwork and get the kids out giving back to the community!
    Brittany Staatz Brittany Staatz
12-1500 Dakota Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba
+1 204-996-8115